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Support for Women's Health

Pain, injuries, and illness can show up out of nowhere. Sometimes despite trying various treatments, our bodies still don't heal and return to normal the way we'd hoped. Exploring your inner world can help you understand the emotional side of this so you can return to believing you have choices again. 

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Pelvic Floor  

Emotional support for ongoing pelvic floor issues and dysfunction. Physical therapy is helping... but you also want to explore the mind body connection.

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Medical Trauma

Treatment was scarier than you anticipated and left you feeling unprepared for it. You're ready to heal the painful memories that make you dread more procedures. 

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Chronic Pain

You've tried a number of treatments at this point and you want to delve more into the message behind the pain. Learn to take care of yourself when you're hurting.




You’ve recently been diagnosed with something like interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, chronic migraines, gut issues, or chronic back pain. It’s terrifying to face this kind of physical pain and not understand where it’s coming from or why it’s there.

The medications sometimes work and other times don’t give you the relief you’re hoping for. You’ve been through the recommended invasive medical procedures and left feeling disrespected, powerless, and alone.



Ultimately, you find yourself obsessively and desperately trying to find solutions and escape the pain. Your world becomes smaller and you’re sure you can avoid a flare if you just… And then when a flare happens, you blame yourself and, to avoid the mounting desperation, you push through until you’re exhausted.


It doesn’t have to continue on in this way. Internal Family Systems (IFS) can help you nurture yourself when you need to and calm your urges to push through. Learn to take care of yourself instead of judging yourself. Stay focused on what's in your control and allow the pain to help you grow


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