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Support For Early Motherhood

Motherhood is exhausting. Whether it's a tough pregnancy, an unexpected birth experience, or a difficult baby, you're not alone if you're finding yourself in need of more time to find your footing.

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 Pregnancy & Postpartum 

Transform difficult pregnancy and postpartum experiences. 

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Birth Trauma

Heal painful memories from a labor and birth you weren't prepared for.  

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Parenting A Challenging Baby 

Support when your baby has unexpected health issues like reflux, colic, and allergies. 

Through our work together, you'll find you're able to... 

You're struggling with your baby’s sleep issues, feeding issues, or medical issues (or, if you’re lucky, all three!).

You know you need something to shift for this to be sustainable, but you’re not sure how to get there.


You’ve spent hours checking out blogs and facebook groups hoping for answers. You’ve looked into suggested online courses, ordered another book, and polled your friends one more time.


Somehow you find that you never make a final decision about what to do. 

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Mother and Baby

A part of you is urging you to reach out for more support and reminding you that you can’t do this alone. It’s telling you that it’s okay to ask for some of the village that used to exist.


But then you hear from another voice and pause. You’re afraid of asking, of being a burden, of making the wrong decision, or of someone resenting you for needing help.


The indecision makes you feel stuck and the cycle of overwhelm, depletion, and feeling alone continues. When this goes on for too long, you begin to check out and shut down to cope. 

Early motherhood is so full of vulnerability. The hormonal flux, the sleep deprivation, the identity shift.


You’re pushed into letting go of your old routine, the expectations you had for yourself, and your former freedom.


And if you’ve had an unexpected birth or have a baby with health issues, they add another layer of confusion and powerlessness.

Motherhood is painful, it can rock you, and it can make you feel like you don’t recognize yourself. At its worst, it can make you feel like you’re a failure. 

Newborn Baby
Mother Holding Baby

It doesn’t have to be that way.


This time can actually be transformative. Internal Family Systems (IFS) acts as a catalyst to help you find your footing again.


Find the confidence to calmly make the dozens (understatement) of daily decisions that are a part of pregnancy, birth, and caring for a baby.


Find the courage to ask for help when you need it.


By going inside, you have the opportunity to learn how to relate to yourself in a gentle, respectful, curious way. Rediscover the energy to re-connect with yourself and with your family. Find your balance again.

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