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Support for Anxiety

You believe that if you make mistakes you aren't good enough and people won't like you. So you compare yourself, create impossible standards, procrastinate, burn yourself out by focusing on others, or avoid taking professional and emotional risks. When anxiety takes over, you find yourself stuck in doubt, confusion, and indecision. 

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Anxiety at Work

Delve into the imposter syndrome you're feeling and learn how to talk to yourself with confidence instead.

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Boundaries + Caretaking

Get clear about where you stop and someone else begins. Learn to care for yourself and others with more clarity.

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Inner Critic + Perfectionism

Discover where the high standards come from and find balance again. 



You dread certain aspects of your job and feel chronic tension about what people might think about you.

You’re terrified of making mistakes and some days you believe you’re not good enough.


Your standards are high and sometimes they keep you from taking risks. Other times they cause you to push through until you’re completely exhausted.

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You avoid conflict in some of your relationships and aren’t sure how to say no. You tend to defer to what other people prefer and want.



You take care of the people in your life first and struggle to find the time for your own rest.

You’re resentful of all the things on your plate but somehow unable to stop doing them. You believe you’re responsible for how other people feel and that nagging worry is always in the background.




When all this gets too much, you check out and distract yourself with netflix binges, instagram scrolls, and filling your amazon cart. 


Some days the stress leads to things like headaches or chronic back and neck tension.

But what if the anxious stories inside are trying to protect you from feeling shame, humiliation, and worthlessness?


They're convinced the solution is overachievement and trying to be perfect. So they remind you of your past mistakes and drive you to avoid making any more. 


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Branch in a Glass Jar


It doesn’t have to stay this way.


Internal Family Systems (IFS) can gently help you see what you’re worried and get space from it. By going inside, you have the opportunity to learn how to relate to your self in a curious, calm, and confident way.


It can help heal the underlying fear of inferiority, incompetence, and shame. Find the courage to face the inner tension you’re experiencing right now and uncover what you deep down think is best. Begin to prioritize your own needs for rest and self care before flying through the to do list. 

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